International LPG’s

Working with local producers in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan), we’re developing alternative strategies to export volumes on the West Coast of British Columbia. Western Canadian producers need alternative and international markets to their current domestic opportunities. Partnering with these producers, we’ll work to meet these needs through our export efforts in Kitimat, BC.

Through our network of other customers, suppliers, and international relationships we’ll look to optimize our Western Canadian supply and asset base to provide unique solutions across North America, Mexico, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, and South East Asia.


Domestic LPG’s

North American supply and logistics are one of our core strengths at MLPG. From trucks to rail to pipelines we’re capable of handling any LPG production, production specification, and volumes. We partner with local producers to ensure they receive the best value for their product while meeting all of their service needs. Production can be unpredictable, but our multiple options to source supply and provide demand based contracts gives us virtually unlimited flexibility in the markets that we operate.



Technical solutions

MLPG develops technical solutions to long standing Oil & Gas problems. Through the use of software development we improve the flow of information through efficiencies and accuracy while providing valuable commercial tools to aid your business in moving forward. Too often we see each player in our industry trying to manage information and software on their own. This leads to friction between companies, as well as, between internal systems within companies across the industry. MLPG looks to remove this friction by developing industry solutions to these problems. Currently we’re working on solutions for trucking and rail scheduling, as well as, regulatory and government restrictions that we’ll be rolling out in early 2018.