Developments and News

2017 – April

MLPG partners with a Japanese firm “TEO Holdings Limited” and their founder Ella Marquis. The partnership was developed to give MLPG access to growing demand in Japan, as well as, other countries and companies that TEO Holdings represents in South East Asia.

2017 – January

MLPG is involved in the development of an LPG export terminal in Kitimat, British Columbia (Canada). The project is currently in its infancy as we begin FEED studies and develop demand based contracts in the Far East (namely South Korea, Japan, and China). MLPG’s background and extensive relationships with Canadian producers makes us the ideal partner to bring over supplied production from Western Canada to a growing demand in East Asia.

2016 – June

Partnering with “Catena Energy” whom specializes in emerging markets in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean we developed supply contracts after supply issues and deregulation increased demand for LPG’s significantly. Drawing on our railcar and shipping expertise we’ve moved hundreds of rail cars and more recently our first LPG cargo into Mexico and the Caribbean respectively. As we expand out network of partners and relationships we`ll continue to focus on asset based demand with end use customers.

2015 – March

MLPG Solutions Inc. was founded with the intent of providing “More LPG solutions” to the market in an industry that had been overrun with large, slow moving, midstream companies. MLPG saw an opportunity to connect an oversupplied market in North America with emerging demand markets in Latin America and the Far East.