MLPG Solutions Inc.

Our Approach

As the world economy continues to grow, and international trade and the movement of goods and information becomes easier, it becomes ever more important to bridge borders and cultures in a continued effort to do business smoother and more efficiently. The world will continue to need clean energy and MLPG is well positioned to work with respected partners like “TEO Holdings” and “Catena Energy” to bridge these cultural and logistical obstacles to supply this energy as we move into the future.

Our Story

I’ve been in LPG’s for my entire career since University. Further to this, I’ve been fortunate enough to live internationally (South Korea, and the United States) on several occasions. My love of the business, as well as, the people I’ve met personally and professionally over the years has afforded me an opportunity to build a business that no longer seems like work. As the more recent shale plays in North America have come about, this gave me the final piece to begin pulling the business together and moving forward.

The Opportunity

Over my 14 years in the North American LPG space and more specifically my involvement in the Western Canadian market place (Edmonton) I’ve developed a great many long term relationships with local LPG producers across British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. As North American markets continue to saturate themselves with an oversupply of product, these producers are looking for alternative, reliable, and complimentary markets to their current domestic positions. Working with these producers, we’re developing strategies to export their production from the West Coast of British Columbia (Kitimat).